Before and After Cases

Anterior cosmetic: chipped, broken, crooked, discolored teeth are restored with porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns.

ant cosmetic picture

Anterior veneer and implant: broken, rotated, discolored teeth are restored with porcelain veneers and upper right central cracked tooth was extracted and restored with a dental implant.

ant veneer picture

Bridge: Upper right and upper left missing teeth are replace with upper right and upper left bridges.

bridge picture

Composite restoration: tooth colored filling material used to correct rotated teeth and close gaps between teeth.

composit picture

Full mouth restoration: badly damaged teeth restored with porcelain crowns to regain proper function and smile.

full mouth picture
icon picture
Anterior Implant
Failing root canal picture
implant placement picture
implant crown picture
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A beautiful smile makes a lasting first impression

Steve C Yang, DDS

Renton General Dentistry